Trader Interviews

Trader Interviews

On this page you will find a collection of interviews I have done with real traders, all of whom have kindly given up their time and knowledge and let me pick their brain on the subject of Trading.

Sam Barry

CEO & Founder of LittleFishFX

My first interview was off the back of a post I saw on LittleFishFX. They were encouraging their readers to write a guest blog post for the website. I thought it would be a great way to throw some questions at Sam Barry, CEO & Founder of LFX, learn a thing or two and make an interesting read for others. 

And I was not wrong, Sam provided some insightful and entertaining answers.

Check out the interview: [CLICK HERE]

James Harte

Trader & Analyst at LittleFishFX


After the success of the interview with Sam Barry of LFX, I asked whether James would like to answer some of my questions as well. Fortunately he was more than up for it and out came another great interview. Really enjoyed James' trading journey and his thoughts on the way he approaches the markets. 

Check out the interview: [CLICK HERE]

Shonn Campbell

Inventory Trading

I first came across Shonn Campbell through Rob Booker (The Traders Podcast) and had been following him on Twitter for a while.

His approach to trading was intriguing and I wanted to ask him about his trading journey and how he came up with this unique mindset of Inventory Trading.

Fortunately he was more than happy to accommodate, check it out: [CLICK HERE]

Aaron Fifield

Chat With Traders Podcast

Aaron from the hugely successful Chat With Traders Podcast agreed to answer some of my questions about his individual trading journey and around the podcast itself. Having been interviewing numerous big traders and investors himself I was excited to have him aboard. 

He doesn't disappoint in his answers, give it a read: [CLICK HERE]

Rolf Schlotmann


Rolf is a really interesting trader to follow. He trades forex and he travels round the world whilst  doing so. 

So I had to ask him if he would like to answer a couple of questions, which he was more than happy to do.

Find out how he became a 'digital nomad', how he trades, where he trades and his views on everything in between. Check it out: [CLICK HERE]

Simon Cotterill

LT93 Wealth Management

For this sixth addition of Trader Interviews, I speak with Simon Cotterill, a prop trader at LT93 wealth management, a company he set up together with some friends mid-2016.

When I first read through Simon’s responses, I was excited to get this interview out there. It gives a great insight into a boutique prop firm, as well as read yet another unique journey of a successful trader.

Check it out: [CLICK HERE]


Two Blokes Trading

This time I get to speak to one half of the Two Blokes Trading (TBT) team. Owen (the one half, Tom being the other) takes time from his busy trading, website and podcasting schedule to answer a few questions about his interesting entrance into the world of trading.

Check it out: [CLICK HERE]

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