Other Material

Other Material

Ranging from books to podcasts, this is a collection of additional material I've stumbled across which I've found interesting and helpful whilst on my trading journey.


A selection of books around trading or similar that I thought were a good read, insightful or entertaining.

>  Reminiscence of a Stock Operator - Edwin Lefèvre

>  Dark Pools - Scott Patterson

>  Liars Poker  - Michael Lewis

>  The Big Short  - Michael Lewis

>  Flash Boys - Michael Lewis

>  Boomerang - Michael Lewis

>  The Greatest Trade Ever - Gregory Zuckerman

>  Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort

>  Catching the Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort

>  Diary of A Currency Trader - Samuel J. Rae

>  Adventures of a Currency Trader - Rob Booker

>  City Boy (Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile) - Geraint Anderson

>  Just Business - Geraint Anderson

>  Payback Time - Geraint Anderson

> Binge Trading - Seth Freedman

> Inventory Trading - Shonn Campbell

> Way of the Turtle - Curtis Faith 





> Millions by the Minute [Watch Here] 

> City Index Trading – Trading Academy [Watch Here]

> Million Dollar Traders [Watch Here]

> The Wall Street Code [Watch Here]

> Wall Street Warriors [Watch Here]





Films / TV



> Margin Call

> Boiler Room

> Wall Street I&II

> Wolf of Wall Street

> Rogue Trader

> The Big Short

> Billions




Podcasts are great to listen to when you have time to kill. Especially when commuting. As well as entertaining, these podcasts have broadened my knowledge on the markets and those who trade it. Lots of traders, methods and analysis to discover from the below.

> The Traders Podcast – Rob Booker [Click Here] 

> Chat With Traders – Aaron Fifield [Click here] 

> The Trading Lifestyle Podcast – Hugh Kimura [Click Here]  

> Market Life – Adam Grimes [Click Here] 




Influences & Other References

Since starting I’ve only ever spent money on two courses. The first when I was just starting out, (Nial Fuller), which provided me with the introduction to the forex markets and one way to trade it, Price Action. The other was more recently, having come across an article by the CEO of LittleFishFX Sam Barry in SquareMile, I visited their website and started reading what they were about and become interested in how they took it one step further in their analysis of the markets.

I have also listed a few website which I found useful.


Nial Fuller (Learn To Trade The Market)

Nial’s ‘speciality’ is plain and simple Price Action. His course will take you from the very beginning to specific price action patterns that he loves to use.  Mainly inside bars, inside bar fakey’s all around support and resistance levels.

He posts daily and weekly commentary which provide easy to understand explanations of current currency movements. Nial also posts blogs about trading the markets, providing tips on the psychology aspect of trading to the most common mistakes people make trading forex.

What’s good about signing up to his course is the access you get to the forums. In a good way, they are strict on posting, i.e. if you start posting charts with indicators all over the place they will remove the post. This way you get some great discussions solely on price action analysis.

Take a look at his website Here.



LFX Course

This course provides comprehensive and well thought out lessons which take you from the basics of candlesticks and chart patterns through to the fundamentals and how they affect currencies. Clearly explaining the more complicated parts the course also provides you with some strategies and trading plans that you can start with directly after you finish the course.

It also comes with some downloadable indicators (for Ninja Trader, Metastock and MT4), their custom built indicators include a COT indicator, documenting the updates from the COT report, volume profiles and order flow indicators to name a few, they are all very interesting and can help add that extra layer onto your trading.

From my experience the team over at LittleFishFX are very friendly and more than happy to help you out if you have any queries.

LFX Website

The website is split out into four sections, Learn, Trade, Invest and Spend, which keeps things interesting. They provide free daily commentary, with posts discussing indicators, recent fundamentals, webinars, trade ideas and tutorial videos etc. plus more.

Check out their website Here.



The Babypips website is an excellent free resource for beginners. Their ‘School of Pipsology’ covers everything you need to know before entering the market, from definitions of what a pip is to covering risk management. They also run a blog on trading ideas and analysis as well as having their own ‘Forexpeida’ on all things forex. Take a look Here.


Currency Pair Correlations

To understand which currency pairs are either positively or negatively correlated, check out myfxbook correlation table Here.

Trading Tools & Platforms

Quick overview of the tools and platforms I use to trade the market.


Best free trading platform online I’ve come across. By creating a free account you can save your currency charts with all the analysis and indicators you’ve applied, upload this with a quick link to Twitter and follow other traders and their ideas. [Click Here] 


Great platform I use for analysis. You can add in or create bespoke indicators and strategies, as well as having the ability to run back testing to then optimize your strategies. Simple looks and easy to get the hang of, combined with Rainbow’s free add in for even better chart functionality. With a good data feed it is a powerful platform. [Click Here]

Broker Platform

I use this for executing  trades and the occasional chart work.

Mobile Trading

Trading Interceptor - As far as I’ve discovered the best app for using on the go to check the charts. Mainly because of its simplicity and fluid interaction. Pull up multiple charts, add indicators, set alerts, and save templates, almost better than my brokers charting platform!

> Analysis

I have created my own trading tracker and analysis spreadsheet in Excel to record and review my performance. Covering individual currency analysis to account info breakdown, it provides a monthly output to make sure you are keeping track of and optimizing your performance. Please contact me if you would like a copy. [enigmaforex@hotmail.com]




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