Forex Thoughts

Forex Thoughts

Here I'll add any blog posts that I have written about Forex and trading in general.

Poker & Trading - What it takes to succeed 


I came across an article by a famous poker player  Daniel Negreanu about how you could become a professional poker player, basically if you put in the work. The key takeaways I took from the article are listed below and could easily be talking about trading instead of poker:

> Manage expectations
> Manage your risk
> Treat it like it’s a business
> Be dedicated and continue to learn
> Plan!
> You’re not going to be the best in the world over night – be realistic
> “Champions are made when no one is watching”
> Practice small and slowly build up your capital
> Track your progress and journal




The Beauty of Hindsight in Trading

This blog post came about when I was looking back through the charts and thought that these two trades were really obvious. I examine the two examples, one on the AUD/USD and the other on the EUR/USD, and talk around how with the power of hindsight they do stand out to be trades I could have taken. But obviously this isn't how trading works, we use hindsight for our analysis and its difficult to pull the trigger in the live market. Have a read.





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