Hi Guys,

I am a retail FX trader of around one and a half years, looking to continuingly expand my trading knowledge and skills through all things forex. The goal? To be consistently profitable.

I am a technical analysis trader, having been introduced to the concept of chart trading by a friend, looking at price action patterns, support and resistance and have recently delved into volume and order flow analysis.

After many hours of research and several trading courses, although I’ve come a long way, I am still very much learning. The idea of this website / blog is to provide myself with a trading journal to assist my learning and understanding of the FX market, as well as being able to share my thoughts and ideas on currency pairs with the trading community.

I aim to provide weekly forex overviews on the major pairs, and occasionally the more exotic currencies if something interesting pops up.

I've also started to write down my own 'Forex Thoughts'. Basically a blogs series based on anything related to forex or trading, I'll write these whenever I come across something new that I find interesting. Check Them Out Here

Another area for the website which I've started, is a series of Trader Interviews. These interviews are with real traders and provide some great insight into the individuals trading journeys and approach to the markets. Check Them Out Here

As well as this I’ve created a page which provides material (books, podcasts, documentaries etc.) that I’ve come across since I’ve starting trading that I have found useful and interesting.  Check It Out Here


I hope you will find this site useful in some shape or form.


Feel free to contact me:

Email: enigmaforex@hotmail.com

Twitter: @Enigma_FX







Market commentary and trade ideas are solely my opinion and are not to be considered as trading advice. Presented in a blog format, it is intended for informative and entertainment purposes only. Please do not follow or act upon these opinions, you should undertake your own analysis and be aware of the risks involved.