Update – Up and Running Again

Hey Guys,

So its been c. 4 months since I posted a proper Weekly Analysis. This is because I moved house and it has taken 4 months to get an internet connection! So loading charts and posting analysis on the website took a back seats unfortunately. Now I’m up and running I will be starting to post my weekly analysis again.

Although this has been frustrating in terms of not being able to get to trade, post analysis and do some back testing, it was good to take a step back and reflect on the progress of my trading. I am not a consistently profitable trader yet and have been I feel wandering around the markets with no real focus on how I want to trade. So this short gap gave me time to think what I want to get out of trading and come up with an action plan for going forward. These include:

> Backtest a new strategy
> Come up with a trading plan and trading rules
> Stick to the new strategy whilst trading
> Use strategy in LittleFishFX Prop Trading Competition
> Keep a journal of each trade and trading week
> Continue with weekly analysis post
> Continue to post new Trader Interviews and Forex Thoughts

As mentioned, I’m working on a new swing trading strategy, which I will share the back testing results for and will be incorporated into the weekly analysis. This will also be the strategy I will be using to trade on my Demo account for the LittleFishFX Prop Trader competition [HERE].

I am planning a few more interviews as well with other traders. So keep an eye out for those.

The interviews and the Forex Thoughts blog posts will be getting their own pages so they can be easily found for readers.

So there are a few things I have on my list to achieve, but after being away it’s been good to get back into the markets with a focus and a plan.